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Jill Dinan Skinner, CPA, MBA


Passion for Accounting
Accounting Zebra's founder, Jill, started her journey in the world of debits and credits in college when she discovered her innate talent for accounting—a field that often baffles many. This discovery was not just a personal triumph; it ignited a lifelong passion that culminated in her becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in 2003, sailing through all four parts of the rigorous exam on her first attempt while gaining experience in public accounting.

Academic Excellence
Jill's pursuit of excellence led her to earn an MBA from Northeastern University in 2003, further solidifying her expertise in the intricate world of finance.

Diverse Expertise

A versatile finance professional, Jill has donned several hats over the years—including auditor, analyst, internal auditor, financial reporting consultant, and accounting manager. In 2008, she channeled her entrepreneurial spirit into setting up her own animal-care small business as an LLC, while simultaneously consulting for the nonprofit sector. By 2012 she was the Financial Controller for an arts nonprofit—an opportunity that also allowed her to explore her creative side as a fashion designer.

Accounting Zebra: Stripes of Excellence
In 2015, Accounting Zebra was born, blending Jill's love for animals with her accounting prowess. Since its inception, Jill has provided top-tier consulting services to a diverse clientele, including nonprofits, sole proprietors, and corporations. Her offerings span CFO services, financial reporting, audit preparation, process documentation, budgeting, cash flow management, and finance director training - all with the goal of empowering her clients to advance their missions with sound financial strategy.

She now supervises a small dazzle (herd of zebras), to build capacity and provide better service for her clients.


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