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Jill Dinan Skinner, CPA, MBA


Accounting Zebra's founder, Jill Skinner, loves zebras. When she started studying accounting in 1994, she became curious why it came so naturally to her and not to others. She had no idea it would become her life's mission. In 1999 she passed all four parts of the CPA exam on the first try, while working in public accounting. In 2003 she earned an MBA from Northeastern University.

Then she worked as an analyst, internal auditor, and financial reporting consultant until she started a small business LLC in 2008. It did not involve zebras, it involved dogs - her other favorite animal. She enjoyed auditing nonprofits while working in public accounting so in 2010 she started consulting at an environmental nonprofit.


In 2012 she became the Financial Controller for an arts nonprofit where she also became a fashion designer for their annual fashion show. 


In her work as the Accounting Zebra, founded in 2015, she has consulted with multiple nonprofits, sole proprietorships, C and S Corps, and LLCs. Her consulting work consists of financial reporting, completing audit prep documents, documenting procedures, providing for various accounting needs, budgeting and cashflow to gain nonprofits more funds to complete their mission, and training a finance director.

She now supervises a small dazzle (herd of zebras), to build capacity and provide better service for her clients.


For more details of her experience visit:

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